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It is possible to reduce R&D effort and develop better products


Bootstrap your innovations with SPARK!


Based on our vast experience with innovative organization and handing their critical technologies and products, we have developed a unique search called SPARK (Smart Prior Art Search and Research to Kindle Innovation). It is a kind of patent search to assist you to make use of existing knowledge to upgrade your products and processes.

The SPARK report provided by Origiin reveals the following:


  • Knowledge about key players and their patented technologies in a specified area that could be of great relevance to the business.
  • Knowing this helps to plan R&D better, prevent duplication of work, reduce time and cost of R&D.
  • List of patents that are free to be used in given jurisdictions or explore in-licensing opportunities in case of in-force patents.
  • Various ways to empower technology (ies) thereby providing a cutting edge over the competitors.
  • Licensing Partnerships
  • Negotiation of key commercial terms

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