Information available in Patent documents is true wealth of knowledge and
after proper due diligence, one can make use of existing patents that are
expired, lapsed or abandoned and use them to reduce their R&D efforts to a
great extent. Our book named ‘Using patent to reduce R&D efforts’ is an effort
to list out the ways organizations can make use of existing patents and give
right direction to R&D efforts.
In the book, we have tried to stepwise illustrate the meaning of patents, rights
of a patent holder and how patents constitutes wealth of knowledge, etc. In the
later section we have also explained methods to use patents to reduce R&D
efforts without infringing patents of third parties. Even though the book
provides steps to use the existing patents, it is strongly recommended to consult
subject experts before using any third party’s patents.
Special care has been taken to explain the concepts in simple lucid manner. We
hope our efforts have been beneficial to you.

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