Bindu Sharma


Bindu Sharma is an IP Attorney with extensive experience in IP laws across a range of technologies and industries in India and abroad. She enjoys working with innovative organizations and inventors and guides them in protecting their intellectual property in the most effective manner. She has worked with clients locally, nationally and internationally in many industries and technologies. She advises clients on the issues related to Patents, Patent Validity, Infringement, Licensing and Monetization as well as IP Management, IP Strategies, Licensing, Trademark, Copyright and Design/Utility patent matters. She has extensive experience as a patent lawyer appearing in Appellate board and High Courts in patent infringement cases.

She has written several articles, authored books and has been speaker in more than 100 national and international conferences, academic institutions and corporates. She recently was recognized as one of top 100 women in law by WIPF.

Under Bindu’s vision, within 3 years of its incorporation, Origiin was selected as finalist in the ET Now awards for Leaders of Tomorrow 2013. In the year 2014, she received “Emerging Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2014” award under Legal Services Sector by Brands Academy. Subsequently, Origiin was chosen as “Company of the year 2014 – Patents” by Silicon India. Articles written by her are periodically published in various magazines such as, Dataquest, Smart Techie, Pharmabiz and Silicon India etc. Under her guidance, Origiin has achieved a tremendous growth and has established a substantial client base. Origiin also has an online education institute Origiin IP Academy, that provides training on various skills in IPR such as Patent Search, Patent Specification Drafting, IP Valuation etc. Origiin IP Academy has tied up with some of India’s reputed Universities and Institutions such as Anna University, IIT Guwahati to provide trainings and certification.

Bindu received her Law degree from Bangalore University and Post Graduate degree in from University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan (Himachal Pradesh) with Distinction. She is a registered Patent Agent with Indian Patent Office to practice as a Patent Agent and is also enrolled as an Advocate with Karnataka State Bar Council and Bar Council of India. She received a Post Graduate Diploma in IPRL from National Law School of India University, Bangalore and completed General Course in Intellectual Property Rights from World Intellectual Property Organization Worldwide Academy.

Before founding Origiin, Bindu had over 8 years of experience working with premium institutes in India such as National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (New Delhi), Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) and Jubilant Biosys Pvt Ltd (Bangalore). She has presented many papers in symposium/conferences and has published papers in reputed journals.

There are a couple of books authored by Bindu Sharma namely;

  1. Dictionary on Indian Patent Law
  2. Handbook on IPR
  3. Basics of Patent Search
  4. 25 Myths about Patents – demystified
  5. All you want to know about PATENTS
  6. Minimising risk of PATENT INFRINGEMENT
  7. Handbook on IPR
  8. Using PATENTS to reduce R&D efforts.

Bindu and her team have also provided training to a large number of major corporates in the form of IP awareness sessions and seminars etc.

Bar Admissions

Patent Agent Registration number: IN/PA 1055
State Bar Council Registration number: KAR/2771/10

Articles in various magazines and papers

  1. Member of Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research & Therapy (IC-SCRT), Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems Private Limited, Bangalore since July 2016
  2. Member of Expert Panel on IPR for the newly launched WTO cell, VTPC, Department of Industries and commerce, Government of Karnataka.
  3. Member of the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) Resource Bureau, Bangalore since November 2012.
  4. Member of Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research & Therapy (IC-SCRT), Cryo-save, Bangalore since July 2012.
  5. Management Committee member of Computer Society of India Bangalore Chapter.
  6. Advisory Board member of Nobel School of Business, Bangalore from March 2011.
  7. Chairperson of Institutional Ethics Committee, Department of Biosciences, T John College, Bangalore continuously since March 2009.
  8. Member of Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research & Therapy (IC-SCRT), Avesthagen Limited, Bangalore continuously from February 2008.
  9. Member of the Governing Body, Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education (FBAE), a registered, non-profit, grass-root, Society formed to support sustainable development through biotechnology, by promoting biotechnology awareness and education continuously from Oct 2007.
  • Mentor for Indo-Swiss Academia-Industry Training SINE IITB, 21st Nov 2017
  • One of Top 100 most powerful women in law by WIPF, 2017
  • Jury Panel– Innovative Project Competition 2014 competition for final year students of RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, ED cell, 10th May 2014.
  • Finalist in ET now, Leaders of tomorrow awards 2013.
  • Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Bangalore, April 2013
  • Participated in Panel Discussion, IndiaMART Emerging Business Forum by Zee Business news channel, March 2012.
  • Participated in discussion for Curriculum Development for a Two-year MTech Course in Biomedical Informatics – 29th & 30th January 2009 – Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology organized by Centre for Industry-Institute-Interaction & Department of Biotechnology.
  • Participated in Consultation on Protection of Transgenic Crops under Plant Protection Variety and Farmer’s Right Act, 2001 with a focus on Bt Cotton at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 13th February 2008, organized by Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi and sponsored by Protection of Plant Variety and Farmer’s Right Authority, India.
  • Participated in Brainstorming Meeting on “Biosafety Education and Designing Course Curriculum on Biosafety” at UAS, GKVK, Bangalore on 19th -20th July, 07. Jointly organized by UAS, Bangalore, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and United Nations University-Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS).

Anita Kalia


Anita Kalia has been actively managing the operations at Origiin IP Solutions. She is a registered patent agent with Indian patent office and practices patent law, mainly in the technology areas of Software, Information Technology, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunications. She has extensive work experience in patentability analysis of inventions, patent specification drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications mainly at Indian Patent Office and USPTO.

She has been actively providing training to aspirants of patent agent exam at Origiin IP Academy and has been speaker in a number of trainings, seminars and workshops on Intellectual Property Rights across various parts of the country.

Bar Admissions

Patent Agent Registration number: IN/PA 1475

Karnataka Bar Council Registration number: KAR/1658/2012


MSc, PGDIPRL, (LLB), Regd. Patent Agent

Deepa ES works as a Senior Patent Analyst at Origiin concentrating her practice in the areas of patents. Her work profile mainly includes Patentability searches, FTO, Validation searches and patent specification drafting mainly in the field of Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. Apart from this she handles drafting responses to Office Actions and Prosecution, Handling PCT Applications, Conventional Applications and National Phase Filings etc.

She is registered as a Patent Agent to practice before the Indian Patent Office and Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). She holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Post Graduate Diploma in IPR Law. She is also certified with General Course of Intellectual Property Rights from WIPO, Patent Law and Practice from NLSIU, and General course on IP practice and Validation from Korean Patent Office. She is about to complete her Law degree by the year 2018.

Deepa manages clients large and small, including prosecution of applications in India, US, Europe, China and Japan and the supervision of the prosecution of applications in other countries. She frequently visits patent offices to attend hearings with patent examiners at patent offices in India and represents the clients during personal interview.

She is also involved in various training sessions from Origiin IP Academy ( such as patentability search, patent specification drafting, patent filing, patent agent exam.

Before joining Origiin, she has served as a Senior Scientist and Project Manager at Jubilant Biosys Ltd and has also worked as a Lecturer in Nagarjuna College of Engineering

Priyadharshini Manimaran

MSc (Computer Science), Regd. Patent Agent

Priya works as a Senior Patent Analyst at Origiin IP Solutions LLP, concentrating her practice in the area of Patents. She is Msc Computer Science and is registered as a Patent Agent to practice before the Indian Patent Office and Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). Her work profile mainly includes patent search, specification drafting and patent prosecution. Apart from this, she is expert in various other types of searches such as evidence of use, freedom to operate, validity/invalidity search etc.

Priya mainly works on innovations in technologies such as embedded software, biometrics, IOT devices, image processing, compression techniques, biomedical devices and automated software, to name a few.

Priya also actively participates in activities of Origiin IP Academy ( by conducting online/offline sessions for various corporate firms on the subjects related to Patent searches, Patent Specification Drafting etc.  She also is active in educating prospective IP professionals on the subjects related to Patent law.

Priya has presented many papers on the subjects related to patentability criteria of Computer Related Inventions with respect to the Indian Patent Act, 1970; Myths and realities in Computer Related Inventions, Patent Search techniques, Types of claims and other interesting topics related to Patents.

Tanu Singh

MBA, B.Tech (Bioinformatics)

With more than 5 years of experience in IPR domain, Tanu Singh is working as a Patent Analyst and Business Development Manager at Origiin. Her work responsibilities include patentability search, Freedom to operate search, Landscape analysis, Validity and Invalidity searches, Patent specification drafting mainly in the field of life sciences. Apart from this she also handles e-filing of patent applications and design applications. She has also gained expertise in preparing responses to patent and design office actions.

Apart from technical work, Tanu also handles business development activities at Origiin that brings along with it a certain other set of responsibilities such as generation of new leads and follow-up with existing leads, converting leads into potential prospects, Client interaction by way of meetings and calls, cold-calling in order to create interest in services and generate new business leads and arrange meetings, providing support to customers, offering clear advice and solutions wherever possible.    Companies, Individuals, Academic Institutions

Tanu has been involved in teaching sessions for Origiin IP Academy ( basically dealing with subjects such as overview of IPR, Basic concepts of Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, GI, Trade secret and Plant variety etc.

1) Delivered a talk at Dyananda Sagar University on “SSI Units-How Entrepreneurs can identify business opportunities, Mechanism for Product selection and technology assistance from R&D labs protection of IP in technology products.”

2) Delivered a talk at BMSIT college on “Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights Copyrights in Architectural Space: Key Nuances””

3) Contributed to a book titled “All you want to know about PATENTS” published by Origiin IP Solutions LLP.”

Deepak Lavet Pereira                                                                      

BE (Electronics & Communications)

Deepak is working as a Patent Analyst at Origiin IP Solutions. He has experience of working on technology domains related to Electronics, Electrical, Communication systems, Signal processing, Image processing, semiconductor, VLSI, Digital appliances, Embedded Systems, Mechanical, Software and others. His work profile mainly includes drafting of provisional and non-provisional patent applications, handling office actions, patentability analysis and evaluation including novelty assessment, validity/invalidity search, FTO search, competitive intelligence etc. mainly in the fields related to Software, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Medical Products and Business Products.

He has assisted individual inventors and research firms with identification and protection of inventions by working in close cooperation with both Inventors and Research & Standardization staff.

Before joining Origiin, Deepak was working as a Patent analyst at Intrust Global eServices where he worked extensively on prior art searches, NPL, design search, product search. He also got exposure to Invalidity Search, Infringement (FTO) Search and methods for identifying novelty and inventive steps of an invention. He has thoroughly studied the Indian Patent Act and rules. While working there he gained a good working knowledge of various databases including Google Patents, Espacenet, FPO, USPTO, WIPO and worked extensively on multiple database associated queries Boolean expressions. He has a good understanding of the inventive concepts and skilled in keyword search, classification search, and classification codes. His prior experience also includes working as a Media and Information Researcher at Suprawin Technologies.

Dharini Dinesh

Bachelor of Engineering (Instrumentation Technology)

With an engineering graduation in the field of Instrumentation Technology, Dharini’s technical degree gives her a strong foundation in construing the client’s innovation. She has independently performed various patentability searches in domains like electrical & electronics, mechanical and biomedical engineering. Her ability to articulate the technical specifications of the inventions enables her to be proficient at drafting provisional as well as complete patent specifications. She has largely drafted specifications for software inventions and has been appreciated for the same by her clients.

Dharini’s eloquent nature enables her to strategically communicate with leads thereby playing an active role in developing business for Origiin’s sister concern company, Origiin IP Academy.