IP Management

Managing assets well is an art, few have it.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management primarily involves identifying a company’s intangible assets, prioritizing them according to company’s business plans, safeguarding and exploiting them. In order to benefit fully from IP in terms of revenue, reputation and market share, it is essential to have proper IP Management in place.

Our services in this area include:

1. IP valuation and commercialization

No investment is complete without good returns.

IP commercialization is a process of generating revenue from IP by means of licensing or assignment of IP. However, initial assessment of value of IP is essential both, for the buyer as well as the seller before proceeding further with the actual transaction.
We assist with valuation of IP in case of merger, acquisition, takeover and technology transfer etc. We also assist with negotiation and formulation of license/assignment agreements etc.
We also provide assistance for IP commercialization by initial assessment of technology, prototype preparation and transfer of rights in the form of license or assignment.

2.    Spark and New Product Development

It is possible to reduce R&D effort and develop better products. Bootstrap your innovations with SPARK
Based on our vast experience with innovative organization and handing their critical technologies and products, we have developed a unique search called SPARK. It is a kind of patent search to assist you to make use of existing knowledge to upgrade your products and processes.

The SPARK report provided by Origiin reveals following:

  • Knowledge about key players and their patented technologies in a specified area that could be of great relevance to the business.
  • Knowing this helps to plan R&D better, prevent duplication of work, reduce time and cost of R&D.
  • List of patents that are free to be used in given jurisdictions or explore in-licensing opportunities in case of in-force patents.
  • Various ways to empower technology (ies) thereby providing a cutting edge over the competitors.

3. IP Audit and due diligence

IP Audit involves assessment and review of company’s IP (Intellectual Property), procedures to trace and protect the wealth of intangible assets followed by recommendations on how to improve the processes to safeguard and prevent misappropriation of sensitive forms of IP such as confidential information and trade-secret.

Further, we at Origiin have extensive experience performing product due diligence at the time of merging and acquisition.

4. IP Policy and Process setup

Conducive IP Policy is essential to boost innovation.

In order to have absolute clarity on IPR related issues such as ownership, rights and obligation of employees and employer, disclosure of invention, non-disclosure of confidential information, liabilities in case of misappropriation of IP or resolution of IP related disputes, having an IP policy for the company becomes essential.

We formulate IP policies for the companies after understanding the nature of business, forms of IP relevant to the company and the other policies operating within the company.

5. IP Portfolio Management

We assist companies in managing their IP Portfolio, which includes scheduled follow ups with various patent offices, trademark or copyright registry for proceedings such as reply to examination report, claim amendments, payment of renewal fees for maintenance of a patent, attending hearings, checking status of registration and other office actions.