Copyright can be enforced only when it is registered

Copyright protects works of authorship belonging to literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, a cinematograph film, or a sound recording. We provide services in the area of filing application for copyright registration at Copyright Registry, New Delhi as well as U.S. Copyright Office.

1. Copyright registration and prosecution

Even though copyright is inherent in nature, copyright registration is very important as it serves as a proof of ownership. Registration of copyright in any one of the member countries of Berne convention is valid in all member countries of Berne convention. Since India is a member of Berne convention, any work registered in India is valid in all the member countries of the Berne convention.
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2. Copyright litigation

Violation of rights of copyright holder is called as copyright infringement or piracy. Owner of copyright may take legal action against such infringement.

Our team of advocates efficiently handles copyright litigations through civil and criminal proceedings.

The status of copyright registered software is much better than that of an unregistered one…What could be the consequences and risk if you developed software application and launched it in the market without any Intellectual Property protection. If the software is free or paid one, and another company claims to be the owner of such software, what will be the course of action? In such case you will be asked to produce the evidence to prove the originality and ownership or valid title of the work, in the absence of which it becomes difficult to safeguard the interests of your own work. However, if you have registered the work with the registrar of copyrights, the certificate of registration is a valid proof of ownership that can be produced as evidence. In another situation, you want to raise capital by taking loan for the business against the software developed by you, the bank may refuse to grant a loan without having any intellectual property protection on the software.  Read more

Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of works such as literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic as well as producers of cinematographic films. It is important to know that copyright gives protection for the expression of an idea and not for the idea itself. India is a member of the Berne Convention, an international treaty on copyright, under which, registration of copyright is not an essential requirement for protecting the right. It would, therefore, mean that the copyright on a work created in India would be automatic [inherent] and would simultaneously be protected through copyright in all the member countries of the Berne Convention. The moment, an original work is created, the creator starts enjoying the copyright. However, an undisputable record of the date on which a work was created must be kept. Read more

Copyright law comprises legal principles and rules envisaging the protection of those who produced intellectual works in the field of literature, music and fine arts including photographs, films and performance of artists. The principle objective of Copyright law is to protect the author’s original work from being reproduced in an un-lawful manner. Read more

Downloading pictures for website, presentation, article etc from internet is a common practice and excuses often given by violators include, that the photographs were taken because they appeared in a public platform on the internet or there was no copyright notice on the picture. The fact is that no content, written or photographed is available for free unless specified. Even if a photograph on a site is not watermarked, it is still under copyright protection. This means that trademark logos, and images of any company or individual cannot be taken for free. Read more