1. 25 Myths about Patents – demystified

The objective of this book is to demystify some of the common myths that people generally have about the patents. In today’s world where there is lots of emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, the word “patent” has become a buzz word. However, this also led to lots of misconception and myths related to this. Through this book, we have made a humble attempt to unravel the myths and aware readers about the hard facts about patents. Most of the myths listed in the book are based on our interactions with the inventor and queries that they ask during meetings. This book tries to clarify most of such myths with examples and illustrations. We hope everyone would enjoy reading and reap the benefit. We are open to include any further myths/doubts that might arise in your minds while reading the book.

2. Using PATENTS to reduce R&D efforts

Information available in Patent documents is true wealth of knowledge and
after proper due diligence, one can make use of existing patents that are
expired, lapsed or abandoned and use them to reduce their R&D efforts to a
great extent. Our book named ‘Using patent to reduce R&D efforts’ is an effort
to list out the ways organizations can make use of existing patents and give
right direction to R&D efforts.
In the book, we have tried to stepwise illustrate the meaning of patents, rights
of a patent holder and how patents constitutes wealth of knowledge, etc. In the
later section we have also explained methods to use patents to reduce R&D
efforts without infringing patents of third parties. Even though the book
provides steps to use the existing patents, it is strongly recommended to consult
subject experts before using any third party’s patents.
Special care has been taken to explain the concepts in simple lucid manner. We
hope our efforts have been beneficial to you.

3. All you want to know about PATENTS

The objective of this book is to present an insight to different aspects of
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The book is a compilation of various articles
published by Origiin IP Solutions LLP and aims to provide a clear
understanding of importance of patent search, considerations before filing for a
patent, process of patenting, position of software related inventions, career in
IPR etc.
Further, the book throws light on the ways innovative companies can extract
more out of their R&D efforts, for example by means of observing state of the
art, generating patent alerts etc. The book is designed to be easily
understandable by novices in IP as well as IP professionals in the industry as
well as by the students who would like to explore the area IP. We hope
everyone would enjoy reading and reap the benefit.

4. Minimising risk of PATENT INFRINGEMENT

The objective of this book is to allow readers to comprehend the ways to
reduce patent infringement risks in today’s competitive backdrop.
Freedom to Operate or FTO search is the most effective manner to
reduce patent infringement risks and is to be compulsorily done by
everybody willing to launch a new product in the market.
The book, through examples and case laws, aims to provide a clear
understanding of the importance of patents, rights of patent holders,
types of patent infringements, the devastating effects of patent
infringement litigations and ways to alleviate the chances of being faced
with such litigations. Special care has been made to make the book
simple and straightforward so as to be of use to beginners and
professionals alike. We hope our efforts have been beneficial to you.

5. Handbook on IPR

The term Intellectual Property (IP), as the name suggests, means product of the
mind or the intellect. In our day-to-day life we come across various forms of
Intellectual property such as television, personal computer, microwave oven,
refrigerator, vehicles, weighing machine, cereals for breakfast, pasteurized milk in
tetra pack, paints and even a design on the bed sheet. Practically, everything that
we use is a product of man’s ingenuity, knowledge and skill, besides labor and
capital and it falls under some kind of IP that has to be recognized and registered
before it could be lawfully commercialized in a given jurisdiction.

This book gives insight into various types of Intellectual Prperty.

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