About us

Origiin is a value driven company that offers services and solutions in the area of Intellectual Property Rights. Our prime areas of focus are Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Design and Contract law. We provide complete IP solutions to the innovation and research based companies by assisting them with identification, analysis, protection, management and exploitation of IP in an effective manner. With a team of skilled patent agents and attorneys we have so far provided quality services to more than 500 companies from diverse areas of technology.

Who Are We?

We are a group of experienced patent agents and attorneys from various areas of technology dedicated to provide valuable services and solutions to our clients. Our team has not only worked extensively for R&D and innovation driven organizations & academia but we are extremely keen to assist individual inventors to safeguard their innovative ideas and inventions in a cost-effective manner.

Whom we serve?

We serve:

  • Multinational Corporations
  • Medium and Small size Companies
  • Start-up companies
  • Academic Institutes and Universities
  • Legal firms
  • Indian LPOs
  • Individual Inventors
  • Enterpreneurs

“What does the word Origiin Mean?

The word Origiin is a combination of two words, [Original]+ [Innovation or Invention]which relate to identification, protection, and exploitation of innovations and invention under appropriate IP Law. The Logo comprises of 3 dots which relate to a thought process or an idea which is essential to generate any form of IP. The size of the 3 dot increases in the logo which reflects growth of the organization that protects exploits and implements IP processes.