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Filling of Copyright in India

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Filling of Copyright in India

Copyright is a form of Intellectual property right.  It subsists in literary work, dramatic work, musical work, artistic work, sound recording, cinematographic work, photographic work, and computer software. It prevents others from making any copies of the original work for the commercial purpose. Copyright is a beneficiary right. It is not mandatory for a creator to get copyright registration. However, certificate of registration of copyright serves as prima facie evidence in a court of law when there is a dispute relating to ownership of copyright. The term of copyright in India is lifetime of the author and 60 years from the year in which the author dies.

Basic Information required

  1. Particulars of the applicant/owner of the Copyright.
  2. Particulars of the author of the work—Name, address as well as nationality.
  3. A copy of the assignment from the author in favour of the applicant (only if the applicant and the author are different people).
  4. Description of work— Literary or musical etc.
  5. Details of publication of work in India and outside India with details of the publisher and year of publication.
  6. Particulars of the person and the place where the original work is stored.
  7. 3 copies of the work—in the printed form or in CD.
  8. Power of Attorney
  9. When the artistic work is capable of being registered as a trademark, a No objection certificate from the Trademark office.
  10. If a person’s photo appears on the work, No objection certificate from that person.
  11. If the work is an adaptation or translation of another work
    • Name, address, and nationality of publisher
    • Authorization in respect of work, if any
    • Title of the work
    • The Language of the work



The official fee for copyright registration starts at Rs.500 and varies with the type of work.


Click here to see fee schedule of Indian Copyright Office:


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