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Our Solutions

IP Protection & Prosecution

We assist with protection and management of all types of Intellectual Property such as Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Industrial Design. Our team includes domain experts, Registered Patent Agents and Advocates.

Patent search and Analytics

Our team of experts is well trained to perform all kinds of patents searches such as Novelty/Patentability Search, Freedom to Operate search, Validity/Invalidity search and Patent Landscape Analysis.

IP Management

Assessment & review of company’s IP, procedures to trace and protect the wealth of intangible assets followed by recommendations on how to improve the processes to safeguard and prevent misappropriation of confidential information and trade-secret.

Specialised Solutions

IP Monetization

We assist with valuation of IP in case of merger, acquisition, takeover and technology transfer etc.  We also assist with negotiation and formulation of license/assignment agreements etc.We also provide assistance for IP commercialization by initial assessment of technology, prototype preparation and transfer of rights in the form of license or assignment.

Spark & New Product Development

Based on our vast experience with innovative organization and handing their critical technologies and products, we have developed a unique search called SPARK. It is a kind of patent search to assist you to make use of existing knowledge to upgrade your products and processes.

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Don't miss downloading our ebooks on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) covering various topics such as 'Basics of IPR, 'All you want to know about PATENT' to 'Reduce you R&D efforts with PATENTS'.

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